Ep. 14: Women of the Wild Midwest

Ep. 14: Women of the Wild Midwest


In this episode, Lindsey Mitchell of Women of the Wild Midwest joins the show to talk about an all-women's outdoor adventure weekend coming up in La Crosse, WI, September 21-23, 2018. 

The purpose of the gathering is to bring together outdoor-loving ladies for a weekend of outdoor activities, demonstrations and inspirational speakers. The weekend is meant to be inclusive and accessible. There will even be an action track chair available to anyone who has a difficulty navigating uneven surfaces.

Women of all ages and ability levels are invited to learn from one another while gaining confidence in outdoor activities and skills. 


"We're really excited this is kind of the first of this kind of event in the area and like I said, the more the merrier, If you have an interest in teaching something, or want to lead a hike, just reach out to us, because we're just really excited to get everybody together," Mitchell said.

There is still room to join the fun! Some of the activities include: yoga, hiking, paddling, running, Native Plants & Leave no Trace Outdoor Classes. Mitchell mentioned that they are also working on securing someone to talk/teach about fishing and hunting. Anyone interested in attending or getting involved, send an email to womenofthewildmidwest@gmail.com

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