Ep. 13: Media Strategist & Outdoorswoman, Gabriella Hoffman

Ep. 13: Media Strategist & Outdoorswoman, Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman is a media strategist living in the DC Metro area. She is also an avid angler, gun enthusiast, and new hunter. Growing up in southern California and then relocating to the DC metro area, Gabby shares her experience getting involved in the outdoors within or just outside city limits. She also shares how she got started fishing and, most recently, hunting.

"It's a lifestyle, it's about harvesting your own meat from field to plate, it's about enjoying time with friends even if you don't harvest anything..." she said. 

Given her political background, she also breaks down why hunters and anglers are so important to conservation due to the Pittman-Robertson act. 

"...The facts are on hunters' side. Obviously you're going to deal with people who are never going to change their views, they're going to think you're slaughtering animals for fun, bloodlust, whatever, but I think there are some people that are in the middle - 5% that are very gung-ho about hunting, 5% who are very gung-ho against hunting, and I think there is that 80-90% in the middle who are either open-minded or ambivalent, but possibly open-minded to learning more about it." - Gabriella Hoffman

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