Ep. 15: WhitetailDNA with Alex Comstock

Ep. 15 WhitetailDNA with Alex Comstock

Founder of WhitetailDNA.com, Alex Comstock, joins the show to talk about whitetail hunting! WhitetailDNA is a deer hunting blog for people who are whitetail obsessed. From prepping for season to planning for out of state hunts on a budget, WhitetailDNA has covered it. Alex is also an outdoor writer published in Bowhunter, QDMA, and North American Whitetail magazine.

In this episode, Alex shares how he is personally prepping for season, finding great spots on public land, and how he has been successful in gaining access to private land. He also shares the story of his massive North Dakota buck as well as his goals within the outdoor industry. 

"I'm always looking for the overlooked stuff. I'm looking for spots that look really good on a map, and then I immediately cross those off because if I'm in spot where there's lots of people, hunting, I don't want to be where anyone else is," Comstock said.

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