3 Inexpensive Amazon Picks To Get Your Baby Outdoors


3 Inexpensive Amazon Picks To Get Your Baby Outdoors

The first few weeks of motherhood are basically survival mode. Feed baby, change baby, cuddle baby, put baby to sleep…and repeat. All while sleep deprived. Well, that’s how it was for me and my baby at least. You come out of survival mode and re-enter the world eventually, I promise!

Once Holland was about 7 weeks old, we decided to take her fishing on our boat with us. And since I share most of my adventures with all of you, I got quite a few questions about what products we used and where we got them. The short answer - AMAZON! If you’re like me, Amazon prime is so dangerously convenient, especially during late night nursing session shopping sprees (guilty).

Here’s a few Amazon items that have helped me get back outside, with my daughter in tow.

This tent has treated us well! It is like a portable baby bed, sun protector, and mosquito net all in one. There’s no setup, just take it out and it pops right open. We’ve mainly used this on our boat because it is small enough to fit and blocks the rays as well as mosquitos and flies. It also gives her a safe spot to sleep, especially if we bring our black lab, Cash.

This life jacket was actually a hand-me-down from my sister. However, I found it on Amazon so I could share it with you guys. It is made out of neoprene and is super comfortable under Holland’s head. We put it on her, lay her down in her sun tent, and she almost immediately falls asleep to the gentle rocking of our boat.

Bonus: it is only $20

So far, I haven’t used any mosquito repellant on my baby. I’m honestly scared to put chemicals on my baby’s clothing or skin at this point (I mean she is only 10 weeks old, can you blame me?!). But, living in Northern Minnesota, mosquitos are TERRIBLE. So, I found another solution.

This car seat cover fits nicely on my Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat and also fits with the carseat in the Bravo travel system stroller. It has a bug net, plus a sun shade. I love that it has wire to keep it up like a canopy rather than draping over her. It’s also stretchy, so it should fit over most carseats (but feel free to do your own researched based on the carseat you have).

Bonus: just $20

There you have it! Just a quick list to get you all started :) If you’re an outdoor lover reading this with a brand-new baby, don’t worry, you’ll get back out there soon!