Rose Walker: Preparation & Excitement

If you've talked to me recently, you'd know that one of my dreams is to hunt Elk. Well, Rose Walker and her husband Brent, both cardiac nurses, are doing exactly that. Their camp is set up and they are ready to take their muzzleloaders to the Gunnison, CO mountains on Saturday on the hunt for elk and bear, since Brent also has a bear tag.



The excitement of the hunt builds...


"A couple archers passed us by on the way up on mules; came across them later as one had JUST shot a huge bull elk less than 50 yards away! He was bedded down just off the trail, one of them blew on their cow call and he got up and the fella got his shot. They were still tracking it when we left so never did get to see it. I trust it was big. Another one in their group had shot a smaller bull a day or two before. Father in law says this is a good sign: bulls mean cows. Plus we have a few gut piles to hunker over to get Brent's bear tag filled," Rose said.


Make sure to follow along with their hunts here.

Rose and Brent's food for the hunt.

Rose and Brent's food for the hunt.