Ep. 8: Kayak Bowfishing, Tips from Kaitlin Woodward

Empower Outdoors, Episode 8

Meet avid hunter, angler, and bow fishing extraordinaire, Kaitlin Woodward! She’s a Bass Pro Ambassador, a member of the Hobie Fishing Team, Bear Archery, and Cajun Bowfishing. Woodward has really made a name for herself in recent years in the outdoors community, especially because she LOVES to bow fish!

Check out a few highlights from Kaitlin's episode!

Would you suggest to use an old bow or a startup-type bow?

"I'd say any bow you can get your hands on, you can make it into a bowfishing bow. Whether it be the fanciest bow out there, or the cheapest garage sale bow."

What is your typical draw weight for bowfishing?

"I usually try to go for about 40-45 pounds."

"The problem with going for 70 (draw weight) though, is that you blow through the fish and then your arrow would fly out the other end. And you want something that's going to just go half way, so that the arrow doesn't go all the way through it."


Day or night bow fishing?

"Night bow fishing and day bow fishing are completely different worlds. I am not a super huge big fan of night bow fishing, just because it's super loud, you're with a group of people. Everyone will tell you differently, but I think it's harder to shoot at night because you can't quite tell how deep down they are." 

"I find the day time just to be extremely relaxing. You just are out there, you hear the sounds of nature, the chirping in the trees...it's just such a different world."

Would you recommend someone going out by themselves a lot to use a boat or a kayak?

"I really honestly prefer a kayak...you can get into a lot of places that boats can't go with a kayak. So a lot of times they'll be so far up into the flooded timber that you can't get you're boat in there." 

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